Farming in India is basically dependent on the nature. Hence, for a qualitative agricultural produce, timely cultivation of land, sowing and proper water supply is essential. To increase the agricultural produce, agriculturists have always recommended mechanisation of farming, which is essentially a need of the time. One of the aspects of increasing mechanisation through moderate investmentis - Powertillers. Countries leading in agricultural produce, use Powertillers for all types of farmwork beginning from pre-cultivation, post-cultivation alongwith sowing to transportation, which subsequently helps in increasing the yield per hectare. Mechanised Farming is recognized at international level, and hence the Indian farmer should imply these method to increase the agricultural produce. With this as an objective, we present Vijay Powertiller especially for our Indian farmers.
  • Meets Bharat Trem (Stage - |||) emission norms
  • Approved by Government of India Testing Institutes like:
    1. Southern Region Farm Machinery Training And Testing Institute (S.R.F.M.T.T.I),Anantapur, for performance test
    2. Central Farm Machinery Training And Testing Institute (C.R.F.M.T.T.I), Budni for Central Motor Vehicle Rule, (C.M.V.R)
  • Weight : approximately 500kgs
  • Two tyres of 6.00 - 12 size
  • 6 forward speed gears
  • 2 Reverse speed gears
  • Distance from ground: 182 m.m
  • Tilling Width : 600 mm.
  • Arrangement od double disc clutches
  • Powerful single cylinder 4 strokes water (Radiator) cooled horizontal diesel engine.
  • Approved by the Central Government
  • Comfortable sitting arrangement.
  • Low fuel expenses.
  • Double Speed Rotary tilling shaft.
  • Deep and uniform cultivation.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • Pollution free Bharat Trem(Stage-|||) Powerful D.I Engine